las vegas nv weather
Las Vegas, NV located in the southeast corner of Nevada, is situated in a low desert climate zone. Surrounded by high mountains, variations in temperatures can be pretty amazing even on the hottest days. Summers are hot in the low desert, yet cool in the mountains. Winters are comfortable in the low desert with mild spring-like days for most of the season, yet in higher elevations there are some great snow skiing and winter sports, however some extreme high country wilderness areas are closed due to snow and ice. Indoor activities abound and are a great relief during the hottest summer days. The spring and fall are probably the most ideal times for a Las Vegas visit, with little rain and lots of great temperatures. Las Vegas is an ideal year-round destination for some fabulous fun in the sun and loads of indoor entertainment. Click for Las Vegas, Nevada Forecast
Las Vegas weather
Average High Average Low Daily Average Sunny Days
Month /year
January 56 13 33 0 47 8 24
February 67 19 37 3 50 9 22
March 68 20 42 5 55 12 25
April 77 25 49 9 63 17 26
May 87 30 59 15 73 23 27
June 98 36 68 20 83 28 28
July 104 40 75 24 90 32 27
August 101 38 73 23 87 30 26
September 94 34 65 18 80 27 28
October 81 27 53 12 67 19 27
November 66 18.5 41 5 53 12 24
December 67 19 33 0 45 7 24


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las vegas neveda weather

Winter in Las Vegas- December is ushered in with relatively moderate temperatures and very little precipitation. The year -round dry desert landscape is a fact of life in Las Vegas. The gleaming and festive glitz in this city of lights brings on the holiday season with a gusto that is mind-boggling. The casinos and showrooms are all decked out for Decemberís main events, Christmas and New Yearís, where unique shopping and A-List live entertainment go hand in hand. The mild winter climate in Las Vegas is ideal for a round of golf, a game can be found at one of the many championship courses in the region! Most winter days, the temperatures may warrant wearing a lightweight jacket, unless you plan a day on the slopes! Surrounded by high mountains, there are enough winter sports choices around to suit every member of your family or group. In the evening, the Las Vegas nightlife is designed to keep party goers happy as well as delightfully warm!

Spring in Las Vegas - Itís a perfect season for golf, outdoor activities, inside activities and shopping. Early spring in Las Vegas, where the weather is at its most comfortable for the year for outdoor activities; mid-week crowds remain light until the latter part of the season. Expect sunny days as always and because of extreme dryness - we offer a reminder to bring lotion and sunscreen as well as a hat to protect skin and hair. Locals keep lotion on their person or close-by to keep their skin supple, especially on the face, hands, feet and exposed arms and legs. Holidays can get quite busy, college spring break, Easter and Memorial Day weeks can draw larger than normal crowds into the casinos and hotels. The latter part of spring gets quite toasty when the high temps averages for June start hitting the century mark!

Summer in Las Vegas - Ah! the rainy season in the Nevada desert! Donít you believe it! Although August is the wettest period of the year, the average rainfall for the season is less than 1/2 inch per month! Get ready for hot, hot, hot temps. Julyís seasonal high temperature average is 106! Itís hot and very dry so bring lots of skin lotion, sunscreen and carry a water-bottle when venturing outside...hats, sunglasses and coverups are a must! Thatís why the city has so many amazing indoor attractions. FYI - some golf courses lower their midday rates in the summer...if you dare. Itís hot outside but also be prepared to chill out in the casinos which tend to keep temps in the frigid mode during the hottest days, in other words bring a sweater or jacket for your own comfort when playing the slots. One can always head for the hills, where higher elevations retain moderate temperatures during the day and can get downright cold at night. Hot outside to frigid inside - there is surprising variety in this desert town!

Autumn in Las Vegas - Another perfect season for golf, outdoor attractions, shopping, autumn in Las Vegas is close to ideal. Early September can be rather hot but things really begin to moderate in October and a slight chill is ushered in when November roll around. Expect sunny days as always and because of extreme dryness - we suggest a reminder to bring lotion and sunscreen as well as a hat to protect your skin and hair. Locals keep lotion on their person or close-by to keep their skin supple, especially on the face, exposed hands, feet, arms and legs. Throughout the fall, daytime temperatures can range from hot to cozy comfortable. For most fall outings, expect gorgeous sunny days and comfortable temperatures, a sweater or light jacket will suffice for almost any evening activity. Las Vegas offers great indoor temps during every season, so anytime is a good time to visit.